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Real Estate Website

If you are a REALTOR, you should strongly consinder working to create a Real Estate website to increase your exposure. Realtors are in the business of marketing and a real estate website is a must for marketing your listings on the Internet. The importance of the internet to Realtors is more evident everyday. The days where a potential client was contacting a Realtor to obtain property information are gone. Today home buyers first perform an online property search for listings before even they contact any Realtor.

Do I have options for a website?
A real estate website comes down to two basic choices: template or custom:

  • Template: Quick to setup and can be delivered with a minimal initial cost. However, it is likely your template will not be too different than the thousands of other templates out there. And remember, you get what you pay for. Templates offer the least customization or site design/layout.
  • Custom: For those willing to make the investment in a full featured custom website, you can and probably will get access to many options. A custom designed website will give you and the visitor fuller experience. We have worked on a number of Real Estate website and understand what it takes to have a successful on-line presences. In additon, we offer the full service. You work only with us and there never will be the "point-fingers" issue with us. We do offer: domain registration, email service, custom website design, SEO, custom IDX feed, and Hosting.
I have a website, what should I do now?
If you have a website, you should strongly consinder doing at least the following two things on your site:
  1. Perform SEO on your current site. Your site is only good if potential home buyers can find it on the Internet. That means, the your website is seen by Search Engines. One of the main reason a Realtor is not success, it because his or her site can not be found within Search Egnines like Google. Also, review your site to make sure it is NOT optimized for the wrong targets phrases. In most case, it happens because the majority of all real estate website have chosen to use templated with generic content.
  2. Incorporate an IDX Feed on your web site. If a potential clients want to look at properties on-line, do you sending him/her to another website other than your own. Then you're probably losing sales! Other sites, including your brokers, show contact information other than yours! For example, let's say you send them to your broker's site and at your office there are 10 Realtors. When they found a property and complete the contact information, their information will be forward to one of the office's Realtors. In our example, on the best hace you have 10% change to continue working with this client. So, Your best bet: Send potential clients to your own site with full IDX Feed and have all leads generated go directly to you. Not having IDX is like not having a website. The IDX within your website, allows your visitors to see all the properties 24 x 7 and contact you.

Basic Features You Need for your Real Estate Website:
  1. Easy to maintain and update.
  2. Use content related to your area.
  3. Interactive tools that you can use to entice the consumer.
  4. Search engine optimization (SEO) must be part of the package.
  5. Ability to add your local IDX and MLS data.
  6. You need to be able to track the visitors to your websites.
Things to Avoid within your Real Estate Website:
  1. Avoid using frames on your pages.
  2. Don't use flash intros.
  3. Avoid using animation or sound effects.
  4. Avoid using dark backgrounds with white or light type.
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